Finding a successful way to stand out in the marketplace has been the real challenge for new salespeople entering the real-estate industry. We create a video explaining and highlighting of the property we are listing for sale.  Personal branding throughout the video in the beginning, then placed throughout the video and with a call to action at the end creates the perfect personal branding that draws that attention of prospective sellers of their homes to seek us out.

This has an expanding affect as the inventory increases the animations and videos that we produce create a lasting impression in the minds of people looking for new residence.  Clients reach out to us with an expectation and willingness to pay the asking prices because of our videos building the value into the homes; through video with animations before the first physical inspection of the property by the prospective buyers.

I am so grateful I was introduced to this service I expect to use them on every promotional video and presentation we do for potential clients, purchasing companies, and our corporate video reports that are sent into the home offices.