Today You Can Create Viral Attention With Personalized Branding Animation

In Your Videos Used For Client Attraction

Below we are going to introduce you to the simplest most response tool you can utilize with your video marketing.



You create a lasting impression and a professional interpretation for the viewer through branding your videos.

Social Media can spread video like a wildfire if your brand is part of that video and incorporated into the fabric of the message you gain mass exposure over night.

You will have viewers searching for your brand name, following what you are creating in your videos and wanting to see more of what you do with your brand.

Earning higher commissions by adding a captivating animation to your productions for your clients.

Examples Of Animations Created 


Personalized Video Branding

When you start your videos with a brand logo and name, then end the video with the same including a strong call to action there is a twelve times greater memory recall for the viewer.

Your ultimate goal is to create higher income, by offering superior value to the client through the attraction of video. You raise your professional presence with your online marketing and social sharing of your videos so keep them tied to your brand.

PlaneImage Video Branding creates value for you through video intros and outros you can reuse with every video you create.

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Additional Examples of Animations