We have hundreds of products and services promoted to us monthly making all kinds of promises where products will create mass interest and lead to sales.  When Plane Image was first brought to me I dismissed it as being just another tool or service that would not have a profound effect on our bottom line.

Luckily for me one of our sales rep took a hold of the idea and started using the Plane Image service on her own. In three weeks, she had created such mass interests in products offering that her client lists made me take notice. New technology is always a gamble however with the advantage offered through Plane Image video branding the odds are in your favor.

You’re making a great investment today.

Sylvia Meyer
Business Owner

Finding a successful way to stand out in the marketplace has been the real challenge for new salespeople entering the real-estate industry. We create a video explaining and highlighting of the property we are listing for sale.  Personal branding throughout the video in the beginning, then placed throughout the video and with a call to action at the end creates the perfect personal branding that draws that attention of prospective sellers of their homes to seek us out.

This has an expanding affect as the inventory increases the animations and videos that we produce create a lasting impression in the minds of people looking for new residence.  Clients reach out to us with an expectation and willingness to pay the asking prices because of our videos building the value into the homes; through video with animations before the first physical inspection of the property by the prospective buyers.

I am so grateful I was introduced to this service I expect to use them on every promotional video and presentation we do for potential clients, purchasing companies, and our corporate video reports that are sent into the home offices.

D. Kelly
Kelly Realty

Video is king and PlaneImage is creating GIANTS out of those who use animation to brand their videos. My partner did not believe we could quickly build our subscriber list on YouTube as we have never had people subscribe even with hundreds or thousands of views. After we added the Plane Image animation the subscribe rate shot over 10K in days we found people were watching the whole video not just the first couple of seconds and that is how you create conversions and sales in our business, keep them coming back.

Outstanding Job

James W.
Business Owner

Social media has demanded that we change our sales exposure process, video is 1000 times more effective than an image alone. When we realized that all social media platforms were switching to video we had no choice we needed to step up. A friend gave me the link to your website and at first I could not believe what a great deal you were offering, after trying it I am still amazed at how you offer such high quality for such an insane value in price.

Now I have over 30 animations that I use and every video looks fresh and exiting for prospects to stay engaged with my brand name.

Thank you

Brian C.
Real-estate Broker

I am always busy with clients and try to find an edge that will attract them to me; more than just price. Creating animations and branding my videos on social media has given my brand a viral explosion vs. my competition just taking my work and passing it off as their own. PlaneImage has helped set me apart from all my competition.

Great Products, Great Prices,

Thank You


Crystal L.


I never realized how personalizing my videos with more than just my name could ramp up my brand until I tried your product.  Viewing of my video content has exploded since I started adding animation through PlaneImage; people are waiting to see what I put out next. I constantly get asked how much I spend on my videos, and they never guess less than $500. I had three other video production companies reach out to offer me this same services and none have been less than $150 a second.

PlaneImage is awesome,

Thank You

D. Blake

D. Blake
Business Owner

I was surprised at how simple it was to add these to the videos I already had on YouTube. Just wanted to let you know that one of my old videos has taken on new life and I’m getting all kinds of views that I’m sure wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t added the intro. You Rock!

Mark A
Bush pilot

As a photographer I don’t know much about video and editing, but the help that I received in getting my intro and call to action videos attached to my slideshow video has really made the difference in how people view me as a professional. I know this because my clients have told me. Whenever they ask how to do it I always point them back to you guys. It’s been wonderful dealing with you. Thank you so much.

Anna Lee